Saturday, June 04, 2005

I'm going to Disneyland!

I'm currently in charge of coordinating a trip to Disneyland for some past work associates. I work at a place called The Christa McAuliffe Space Education Center. It's set up as a Star Trek simulation where we take elementary students on Star Trek-like missions. The students staff the various positions on the ship (captain, first officer, weapons, etc.) and they decide what happens based on their actions. We currently have five ships and I'm the supervisor on the smallest one.

Anyway, two of my friends and I decided to take a trip to Disneyland this coming October. One of the other two going on this trip also works at the space center, and he boss found out we were planning this trip. He wants to go as well. But before I was even informed of this, two more staff decided that they want to come along. Now, suddenly the boss decides that we'll make this a trip for all of the adult flight directors (people over 18 who run the ships, we have some under 18).

So I'm in charge of setting up a trip for 12 people, for the least amount of money I can work out. I've gotten it figured out where we've got 12 3-day Disneyland park hopper passes, 4 hotel rooms (3 people in each), and airfare for all 12 for $350 per person. Who needs travel agents?

Dave's not here man...

I never want to see a paintbrush ever again...just kidding. I'm living with my parents for the summer between semesters and my mom decided last weekend (Memorial Day) that we were going to paint her bedroom. We got most of it done on Memorial Day and we finished it up today. I did probably 60-70% of the painting - and I did the easy stuff with a roller, my parents did all the fine details. The biggest pain was the ceiling. My parents' bedroom ceiling is vaulted, and there are no sharp corners between the ceiling and walls - just gentle curves. Plus there was all the trim...ugh (even though my mom did most of it, I did enough to know that it's unpleasant). Everyone is extremely tired right now, and we still have to get all the furniture arranged. I've got a major cramp in my wrist from painting the molding around the bathroom door.

Thursday, June 02, 2005

The Lost have returned

Well, now I just feel silly. I started this blog almost two years ago, and I posted into it once. I wonder how many other people have done this?

One thing that convinced me to try this again is a new development with my computer. I have an Apple Powerbook and I recently upgraded to Mac OS X 10.4 also known as "Tiger." Well, Tiger has this cool feature called "Widgets." Anyone familiar with a program called "Konfabulator" would be familiar with widgets. The widgets in Tiger are usually hidden off the screen and can be called up into a foreground pane with a single keypress. Well, one of the available widgets allows you to type a blog entry into the widget (like I'm doing now) and then have it posted into your blog. So that's what I'm doing. It makes for a much more convenient way to keep anyone who (for whatever reason) decides that they want to keep up with what I'm doing with my life.