Saturday, June 04, 2005

Dave's not here man...

I never want to see a paintbrush ever again...just kidding. I'm living with my parents for the summer between semesters and my mom decided last weekend (Memorial Day) that we were going to paint her bedroom. We got most of it done on Memorial Day and we finished it up today. I did probably 60-70% of the painting - and I did the easy stuff with a roller, my parents did all the fine details. The biggest pain was the ceiling. My parents' bedroom ceiling is vaulted, and there are no sharp corners between the ceiling and walls - just gentle curves. Plus there was all the trim...ugh (even though my mom did most of it, I did enough to know that it's unpleasant). Everyone is extremely tired right now, and we still have to get all the furniture arranged. I've got a major cramp in my wrist from painting the molding around the bathroom door.


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