Sunday, October 09, 2005

Just a bit of cheese

I know that I'm not a professional movie reviewer of any sort, but I saw an excellent movie over the weekend. "Wallace and Grommit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit" is an absolute delight!

Most people familiar with the Wallace and Grommit shorts remember the cute humor as well as a few mild sight gags. This movie goes well beyond the cuteness of the original shorts and produces an absolute laugh fest. I think that the longest stretch I had where I didn't laugh went for about two minutes. There is enough adult humor to keep anyone entertained as well as the kind of stuff that kids will love. The nice thing is that the more "adult" jokes a pulled off in such a way so that most children won't get the joke. The movie is absolutely full of sight gags and some absolutely hilarious dialogue.

There is also another reason for seeing this movie that actually occurs before it starts. Once the previews have ended there is a ten-minute short film starring the penguins from the movie "Madagascar." In the short Christmas has come to the central park zoo and the penguins are having a little party. One of the penguins (named "Private") notices that all of the other animals are enjoying the season with the exception of one lonely polar bear. Private sets off on a mission to cheer up the poor fella and ends up being purchased off a cheap stand in Times Square. The other penguins mount a rescue mission to save private from the elderly woman and her psychotic poodle. I went to a matinee and I thought that the money I spent to see Wallace and Grommit was well-spent just to see this short.

Go see Wallace and Grommit! I command you!