Thursday, October 04, 2007

Geek Squad - on crack?

So I'm in charge of tech support for the on-campus wireless network at my college. In the course of my job I see a lot of strange things on people's laptops. Today was one of the strangest.

This girl (kinda cute too) came in needing to have her laptop set up for our wireless. It's not actually that hard, but a lot of people aren't even willing to try. Anyway we noticed that her anti-virus was expired. I tried to uninstall what she had, but it gave an out of disk space error. I opened up My Computer and looked at her C drive and it had 60 gigs free. She also had a recovery partition (it's a Gateway) which was full. I pulled up the properties on a file that was on her desktop and it showed that it was located in D:\Documents and Settings\[username]\Desktop. Yeah, her Windows was installed over her recovery partition. I asked if she'd had anyone work on it lately, and lo and behold - it was the Geek Squad. She had a lot of viruses and spyware on it and took it there (believing the hype and commercials apparently) to have them fix it. Apparently the Geek Squad backed up her documents, and then proceeded to install fresh copy of Windows ON HER RECOVERY PARTITION - all 6.5 gigs of it. They then copied over her virus-laden files (which they didn't bother to try and clean) charged her $300 and called it good.

So not only is her recovery partition toast, but all of the viruses and spyware that were her original problem are actually still on the computer. Apparently they can fix cyborgs and giant asteroid pulling magnets (as per their comercials) but reinstalling Windows is just a little beyond Geek Squad's expertise.